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The authors begin each chapter with a quiz that's meant to gauge your understanding of a subject IPv6 addressing, for instance and thereby help you spend your study time wisely. A reader who commits to working through a particular chapter is first presented with increasingly detailed information, beginning with general concepts and theories and ending with specific product details and procedures, where they're applicable.

Chapters end with quizzes that contain questions in the style of the exam, and the book's final 10 percent or so is devoted to case studies that illustrate how the CCDA techniques taught elsewhere might be put into practice. The official study guide for DCN exam Coverage of the CCDA exam design objectives enables you to discover your knowledge gaps before the exam date. In this solid review on the design areas of the DCN exam, you'll learn to design a network that meets a customer's requirements for performance, security, capacity, and scalability.

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Anthony Bruno ; Jacqueline Kim. Publisher: Cisco Systems , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. Design Document conclusions C. The company is specifically interested in improving the ability to provide usage information about network resources and would also like to improve inventory management. Choose two.

Fault B. Configuration C. Accounting D. Production E. Security F. A successful pilot or prototype is the only way to eliminate the possibility of failure. A test should be included at every step. A successful test is the only way to eliminate the possibility of failure. A detailed procedure to revert to the original setup is necessary for each and every implementation step.

What you should know about the CCDA Design Certification Program

A good implementation plan must eliminate the possibility of failure. A table of failure points, rollback steps, and estimated rollback times is necessary to eliminate the possibility of failure. Which information provided by the college is least relevant to the new design? Although the test seemed to be successful, network performance is unacceptable when implemented in the live network.

What was wrong with the prototype network test? The prototype should have been built on the live network. The prototype failed to test for the proper characteristics. Different configuration parameters existed in the prototype network. What should R1 announce as the summarized address toward its upstream router?

There are presently two other workgroups in this building with 82 users each. Both groups have a subnet within a private class B address with a The sales group initially has 30 users, with a potential for growth to 52 users. The network uses RIPv1 routing protocol. Which subnet mask should be used for this new sales VLAN? Within the Enterprise network: 1. The fastest convergence time possible is required. Unequal cost load-balancing is required. For Internet connections: 1. A single link is used to connect to a single ISP.

Which Campus Backbone Design does this most likely represent?

Which information should it identify? PLAN B. Only Cisco routers are used in the Enterprise Edge functional areas of the various sites. The staff is very familiar with the IETF protocols. Rapid convergence is a requirement for the new design. Which two routing protocols can be considered for the new design? RIPv1 B. OSPF C. IGRP E. BGP F. The company has some issues with the Network Management design, and would like to enhance the information that is available about the devices.

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It seems that only static information can be obtained, and FloCzar would like to be able to get information that will help to perform long-term trend analysis. The company is specifically concerned with Layer 4. Which management protocol will best meet the goals? RMON B.

SNMP C. CDP E. The proposal is to replace their current non-redundant network of routers. You have prepared this list of the routers in use on the network Cisco model routers Cisco model routers 10 Cisco model routersWhich two additional items of information would be most valuable to complete your documentation of these routers?

Network A in this diagram has several independent departments, each with its own VLAN in which printers and servers are located. The only common resource is the mail server. Network B also has several departments but they use common server resources. Network A. Network B. Cisco Exam Certification Guide presents you with an organized test preparation routine through the use of proven series elements and techniques. Cisco lists and Foundation Summary tables make referencing easy and give you a quick refresher whenever you need it. Challenging Cisco review questions help you assess your knowledge and reinforce key concepts.

Cisco exercises help you think about exam objectives in real-world situations,thus increasing recall during exam time. To comprehend prospect can come employment progress and better shell out. Cisco exam sample questions give Technological innovation individuals having little if any Cisco have the understanding in addition to expertise necessary to break into the particular really beneficial in addition to challenging Cisco occupation. Cisco exam sample questions are certainly useful when you are always keeping your preparation very efficient and ascend into the level. Concerning Cisco exam, a myriad of certificates examinations usually are computer-based therefore the examinees may possibly learn their own test success soon after test.

With a lot more Cisco option are provided work growing and pay back. The first issues the customer wants to address are security, logging, and troubleshooting. On which major functional area and which submodule of the Enterprise Composite Network Model will you be keying your efforts? Enterprise Edge; Internet Connectivity B.

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Enterprise Campus; Network Management C. Campus Infrastructure; Building Access E. Enterprise Campus; Campus Infrastructure F.