Social Network Analysis Applied to Team Sports Analysis

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What's Next in Complex Networks? Capturing the Concept of Attacking Play in Invasive Team Sports.

Capturing the concept of attacking play in invasive team sports. Ramos, J.

Lopes, R. Complex networks Performance Analysis Hypernetworks Multilayer networks. The evolution of performance analysis within sports sciences is tied to technology development and practitioner demands.

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However, how individual and collective patterns self-organize and interact in invasive team sports remains elusive. Social network analysis has been recently proposed to resolve some aspects of this problem, and has proven successful in capturing collective features resulting from the interactions between team members as well as a powerful communication tool.

Table of Contents Frontmatter Chapter 1. Introduction Abstract. The interaction between opposite players may also be considered in the specific field of team sports.

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Therefore, based on this dynamics that occurs in match it is possible to consider team sports as a cooperation-opposition game that depends from the interactions. To analyze this specific dynamics of connections it is possible to use techniques and methods based on social network analysis. Thus, the aim of this book is provide to the readers a summary of social network measures that can be applied to team sports and used to extract important information for match analysis interpretation.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Social Network Analysis in Sport Research

The aim of this chapter is to present the main definitions and concepts associated with social network analysis. These definitions and concepts will help to understand the fundaments of graph theory and the following micro, meso- and macro-measurements. Team sports lead to permanent interactions between teammates.

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For that reason, the social network analysis has been used in the last few years to identify the properties of graphs and to measure the centrality levels of players and tactical positions in the collective organization and dynamics of team sports. Nevertheless, the match analysis based on social network analysis must follow some specific requirements.

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By using the concept of balanced and unbalanced cycles, the evolution of signed social network graphs can be predicted. Sportscience 10, 16— Analysis of passing sequences, shots and goals in soccer. Analyzing biological network parameters with CentiScaPe. Expert performance in sport and the dynamics of talent development. Fig 4. Large textual corpora can be turned into networks and then analysed with the method of social network analysis.

Therefore, this chapter aims to describe the required observational procedures for network analysis in team sports and to show some software to process the analysis and to extract the data to measure the network properties. The prominence level of a player in the team can be measured in social network analysis. For that reason, the aim of this chapter is to present the centrality metrics that can be applied in team sports analysis.

The presentation will also allow identifying the specific formulas for weighted and unweighted graphs and digraphs. Finally, a brief interpretation for team sports analysis will be provided.

Social Network Analysis Applied to Team Sports Analysis

In team sports the teammates cooperates with interdependency between them. One of the examples it is the forward player that depend from the backward players to receive the ball. For that reason, it is important to understand how teammates cooperate and autonomous or dependent are a specific player.

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