The Gentlemens Hour

The Gentlemen's Hour
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Boone the slacker suddenly becomes Boone the busy guy with seemingly the entire world against him, except for his current girlfriend.

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As expected, things on his 2 jobs aren't what they seem otherwise there wouldn't be a book in it, right? The conclusion is a bit overdone but pretty cool in a cartoonish way.

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"The Gentlemen's Hour" is the sequel to Winslow's The Dawn Patrol, . Lumping together Dawn Patrol and Gentlemen's Hour; Initially I was a little put off. From the New York Times bestselling author of The Border, a “down-and-dirty dip into the treacherous social currents of Southern California” (The Wall Street.

It took me awhile to get used to Winslow's writing style and I now enjoy it very much. It's straightforward, uses a lot of jargon, doesn't necessarily follow normal sentence structure in all cases, and the dialogue is excellent. Character development seems to be a strength- you can see what makes Daniels tick and the other folks, particularly his surfing buddies, are also well done, although if you read The Dawn Patrol you'd have an even better sense of how they all fit together. The plot was excellent and fairly easy to follow, with a few surprises along the way that made it interesting.

I've only been to San Diego or San Dog, as they call it a few times as a tourist and have always enjoyed it, but after reading several of Winslow's books I'll know next time to stay west of I-5, don't cut across another surfer's line, and not to make eye contact with guys sporting face tattoos. Aug 19, Kim Berkshire rated it really liked it Shelves: swim-water-surf.

Hey, I live in San Diego, I'm not a surfer but an ocean swimmer and have the love of the beach thang going, I consider flip flops and board shorts proper church attire.. So why am I still so uncool? Then I just chilled and took pleasure in all the surfspeak, recognizing all the local spots I even got a history lesson or two out of it and enjoyed it for what it was. I liked Gentleman's Hour better, up until the last quarter of the book, where there were too many implausible twists and turns for my taste, bruddahs.

Book Review- “The Gentlemen’s Hour”

This second book works as a stand-alone novel, but knowing all the characters already made me way more into it, especially when I realized that even close to a year after reading The Dawn Patrol I still remembered all of them: Winslow has just created an awesome and memorial bunch and a believable friendship group that makes you root for each and every one of them. Benefit: You get to see early seeds of things that will eventually grow and mature in the author's later, greater novels. The other thing that worked was the colorful way in which Winslow described and added things to the world. As his closest friendships begin to fray, and he digs deeper into the murkier side of surfing culture, Boone sees his two cases overlap in unexpected ways and finds himself struggling to stay afloat as the water gets deeper and deeper Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today!

I am especially fond of all the characters' nicknames, Not Sunny as the waitress replacing the irreplaceable Sunny Day, probably my favorite. Would love to see a sequel, or her own spinoff series, featuring the world shredding surf goddess Sunny. Winslow's writing reminds me a little of what I've read of Carl Hiaasen. A good thing. And I see I share a Halloween birthday with Winslow, so there's that.

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Oct 23, Larry rated it it was amazing. Daniels, surfer bum and private investigator, hangs out with a bunch of other surfers one a cop, one a lifeguard, one a computer geek who works in a surf shop, etc. He gets involved, against his will, in two cases that test his friends' loyalties to him, at the same time that they move him closer to a meaningful love interest. When the two cases begin to overlap, the number of people who are unhappy with him growa to include drug lords, gangs, the cops, his friends, and both prosecutors and defense counsel.

If you're a Don Winslow fan like me and you enjoy the adventures of Boone and Johnny B, then you'll have a great time with this one. Anything is better on a flour tortilla from the Tortilla Factory in Santa Rosa. Cheers, y'all. Jun 11, Martin Stanley rated it liked it. Kept me entertained, though not amazed. Aug 12, Nadine rated it really liked it.

I've been hearing a lot about Don Winslow since the movie Savages came out recently. I had also heard an interview on NPR. So I started with that book, but have to admit it was a little rough around the edges for me, and didn't get too far into it. Winslow is known for profiling the SoCal climate and lifestyle. This book is not as dark as Savagages, but still gives the reader the flavor of life lived on th I've been hearing a lot about Don Winslow since the movie Savages came out recently. This book is not as dark as Savagages, but still gives the reader the flavor of life lived on the edge in the San Diego area.

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Just this edge is a little more approachable to me. He becomes embroiled in a murder case that has shook up the surfer community, and finds himself on the wrong side of community opinion. He has an interior moral compass, as many of these PI characters do Spenser, Rockford, ya know that he must follow, even if those values isolate him. The murder case steadily amps up the action, with ties into land development, Mexican drug cartels, neo-Nazis, and bribery.

But I believe at the core of the mystery is the importance of connectiveness, and what will happen to someone left unconnected. The Dawn Patrol is a group of surfers who have hung together on their boards early in the morning since they were teenagers.

Book review: ‘The Gentlemen’s Hour,’ by Don Winslow

My guess is they are thirtyish, as the next group to take to the water is called The Gentlemen's Hour, and these "older" guys are in their forties and fifties. Each group has a strong sense of brotherhood and loyalty. The one surfer that crossed all lines, Kelly Kuhio, is a father figure in the community. His murder is the catalyst for unearthing the corruption lying just underneath all the fun in the sun atmosphere. Yes, this is a summer read, but it would be good anytime of year.

It's a mystery with all the knots untangled by the end, with the hint that the characters keep living after the last page.

The Gentleman's Hour

I have plans to read the prequel, and hope more books come from this author about these surfers. Apr 08, William Johnson rated it it was amazing Shelves: , since-joining-goodreads , noir-crimes , gumshoes , don-winslow , so-cal , surf-noir. The Gentleman's Hour is Winslow's second look into the Boone Daniels universe and everything is tighter: dialogue is snappier and funnier, the tone does shift but it is a solid progression, the plot is more labyrinthine, sure, but also more intriguing and, admittedly, less disturbing and the world is a little more fleshed out and vibrant.

My favorite part about this thus-far two book series is that the characters really go through changes. Each action, like in real life, has consequences, and the characters grow and grow apart as life moves on. I always thought Winslow wanted people to think Boone was a comic hero though he was really making him a normal guy with cool hobbies. You certainly expect Boone to go one way In fact, unlike in The Dawn Patrol, Winslow leaves things pretty open. The 'mystery' is solved but so much of the world is blown open and so many of the relationships damaged that they can't simply piece it together with a bow and call it an ending.

The Gentlemen's Hour

If there is ever a Boone Daniels 3, the characters will not be the same and you have to appreciate that creative direction, especially in a genre known for creating episodic adventures. One major complaint is Winslow must have been instructed to give every character a 'previously on The Dawn Patrol' section and it can make the first 50 pages drag since, like me, you probably read Boone Daniels first adventure. Other than that, this manages to build on the success of The Dawn Patrol while also improving it.

I loved it. There's no other way to describe this book. When surf legend Kelly Kuhio K2 is killed, a local law firm approaches Boone to help with the defense. All of San Diego is out for the killer's blood and Boone is on their side; he wants nothing to do with the case. But Boone's girlfriend Petra Hall intro Epic. But Boone's girlfriend Petra Hall introduced in The Dawn Patrol , who works at the law firm, and his memories of K2 force him to take the case.

What he finds is rot and corruption in the city of San Diego and the surf community itself. For a number of years localism has crept into the San Diego surf scene; a violent undertow running at cross purposes with the general spirit of aloha associated with surfers. Boone and the Dawn Patrol are aware of it, but treat it as the exception rather than the rule.

But since K2's accused murderer is a member of the Rockpile Crew, a nearby surf gang, Boone has to confront the issue head on. Not only does Boone's work put a heavy strain on his relationship with the Dawn Patrol as a whole, but the K2 case was worked by fellow member Johnny Banzai, a San Diego homicide detective. Boone essentially "jumped in" on Banzai's wave, which makes the detective even more pissed. The tension is so thick and Winslow sets the stakes so high that when Boone muses about quitting surfing and going to law school, it seems like the only logical conclusion to the book.

Once again, Winslow's style is great, his characters so vivid, and language so real that you'll find yourself turning the pages well after your self-imposed bed time. Highly recommended. Jul 11, Jake rated it really liked it. The difference between Winslow's surfing detective tales and his 'Savages' tales: The surfer stories DON'T make me wish I'd never met another human being and that California would burn down before exploding and that I was blind so I'd never read about these horrible characters. Boone Daniels and his crew are cool characters who make you want to read more.

The others, not so much.

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Jul 17, Jason Gonsalez rated it really liked it. Don Winslow has to go to be up there with some of the greats. The dude is a stud when it comes to writing these type of novels. I wasn't really into the Neal Carey series and I think that may be his weakest of the bunch. They weren't horrible but I just couldn't get into it. I think Don Winslow should get a raise and just continue writing amazing stories.

Don Winslow forces you to care about his characters, with this second outing - surf bum turned PI 'Boone' is cast in a different light but ultimatly shines through what is a dark story. Lets hope we see a third novel involving Boone and the Dawn Patrol. Mar 02, Karen rated it really liked it.

I couldn't put this book down! Almost 5 stars but it wasn't a life changing book. May 21, Erin Britton rated it it was amazing. When the regular working Joes have left the water and headed off to their various places of employment, a second shift of surfers made up of older veteranos and successful entrepreneurs take to the waves. Nichols suspects that his wife is cheating on him and wants Boone to follow her for a couple of days and provide him with evidence as to her in fidelity.

Matrimonial cases being notorious grubby, unpleasant things, Boone is reluctant to take the case but financial pressures make it impossible for him to refuse it. Boone quickly discovers that Mrs Nichols is indeed having an affair with a middle-aged soil consultant and writes the case off as simply another marriage down the pan. Until, that is, the middle-aged soil consultant turns up dead. Cases for private investigators in San Diego being something like buses, no sooner does Boone become entangled in one case than a whole heap of others come his way.

In the course of his investigations, Boone discovers that drug dealing Mexican gangsters are moving into San Diego and decapitated corpses having started showing up. Despite his privileged upbringing, Corey hung out with the Rockpile Crew, a self-styled group of neo-Nazis, and supposedly killed Kuhio with a single punch.